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Noticeable results after 1st use. Healthier skin in 2 weeks.

Take Luxury Wherever You Go!

Welcome to Red Clay Herbiary!

I'm Alexandria (Indigo) Corder, a licensed aesthetician and herbalist. I created Red Clay Herbiary to celebrate the rich heritagre of my family's ancestral use of plants. Red Clay is an homage to Alabama red dirt roads, gardens toiled and harvested by my family, and the truest riches of all; plant medicine.

We take pride in producing items that are natural, as close to its original state as possible and have a luxurious look and feel.


I have purchased these oils and I use them for so many things. For hydration (I live in dry desert weather), as a shaving oil, cuticle oil,make up removal,and to treat my kids eczema. It's my most precious skin care product.

Mariah S.

I was in shock by how great my skin felt. Like, I literally screamed LOL. I didn’t need to put any type of moisturizer on after my shower. I’ve never used a scrub that’s left my skin feeling so moisturized and supple. I’ve gone the whole day and my skin still feels great. Please do yourself a favor and try it!

Lexi S.